Video to order! Hard smothering of a slave with shit on his face. Super close contact!




I was ordered a video where Christina has to use my face as hard as possible with her dirty ass. Christina shit on my face and sat down very hard, her shit filled both my nostrils up to my eyes, as her shit was very liquid. Christina was not happy, because she had to get covered in shit and she was angry. According to the script, I’m not allowed to swallow shit until the end of the video and I have to choke and shit has to be in my mouth and on my face and Christina sat on my face with all her weight and I couldn’t breathe! The shit was smeared, but Christina scooped it up with a big spoon and put it back in my mouth and sat on my face. I spent a very long time cleaning Christina’s dirty, smelly ass with my tongue. In this video, her shit had a very pungent smell and a bitter, tart taste. I had to wash my nostrils for a very long time because her shit completely filled my sinuses.


The guy has cheated Christina with another girl, and she’s gonna revenge very long time by making him suffer terribly and lot of insulting and ordering verbal domination.
The goal is not really making the slave eat shit but to suffocate under her ass with the shit as long as possible without mercy.
I would like Christina fully nude! And I love her heels and bottom of feets, so she has to be Nude Feet for the full video, heels and bottom of feet always visible when in reverse facesitting/faceshitting position.
She can also use a bit of forward facesitting, but majority in reverse.
The slave can panic as much as he wants, she must doesn’t care!!! like 1min consecutive or more, no any kind of pity (before but also after shitting), if he tries to escape or something, she has to be even more rude!
She can look him very crually by seeing his suffer and she can also look me (so the camera) by smiling/laughing/cruely looking for showing all her power that she got sitting on the slave.
Serbian (or Russian) language verbal domination, not English please!
NO MASK for the slave please (if no choice, one which hides only the eyes like in the picture of her sitting on the slave with a blue mask)
Nude ass of reverse facesitting with very long smothering, pull his hairs.
Then, scat domination, cruel and long reverse faceshitting without absolutely no mercy, don’t hesitate to pull his hairs. Then a bit of Belt facesitting without absolutely no mercy!!
The slave has to be attached on his hands, body and legs, like this he can’t escape from her deadly and shitty ass. If she doesn’t attach, she has to block his hands.
And if she can also make a bit of cruel foot gagging and hard foot slapping, that would be great.
She’s the best dominant and so I’m expecting that she is the most cruel and shitty scat smothering possible for the slave.