My mistress said, “Today you will eat a sandwich.” It turned out to be a sandwich with crap!




I didn’t know what it was like to eat crap with dry bread! Christina came up with an interesting scenario and in the process, I realized that it was very difficult – I had to eat hard shit and dry bread without drinking anything! It was very difficult and disgusting. Christina turned me on a little by allowing me to smell my ass before feeding. I placed a slice of bread under Christina’s ass and prepared to wait, I hoped that the shit would be liquid, but a hard piece of shit came out of her ass and fell on the bread. Christina turned around and said – EAT THIS! It turned out that eating hard shit with hard bread is very difficult and disgusting. I tried to eat only shit and less bread, but Christina noticed this and said – EAT BREAD TOO! She carefully monitored the process, periodically commanding me to move at an accelerated pace. Christina likes to watch a man eat her shit, she likes to command and feel power. She sprays deodorant as the room stinks a lot. I choke, my mouth is dry, I try to find drool, but dry bread and hard shit absorb all the moisture.