High-quality smell, fresh, hot homemade poo with farts!




Christina suddenly wrote me a message! She said – now I have free time and we can meet, I will come to you on Monday morning! On Sunday she clarified: “Are you ready tomorrow?”, she probably really wanted to shit and clarified whether she needed to wait until Monday. When she came to me, she said that yesterday she ate smoked mackerel, I got excited from these words, because I was wondering what it tastes like now!
I didn’t have a mask and we decided to blindfold me with my trousers. I really like to eat with my eyes closed so I can focus on the flavors, and the flavors this time were fantastic! Christina ate chicken with mushrooms, hamburger and pistachios.
I haven’t seen Christina for a long time, she is still beautifully feminine. My eyes are closed, I only hear and feel the smells, I hold the plate under her sweet ass, with a loud fart she made the plate heavier and a sharp, sweetish aroma hit my nose, I didn’t see what was on the plate, but by the smell and weight I got it – the taste will be amazing! Christina says – “It stinks”! Everything she ate over the weekend, what was cooking in the young beauty’s hot ass, is now on the plate and I have to eat it. By order, I open my mouth and a large spoonful of warm shit ends up in my mouth, what I felt is difficult to convey, but it was a variety of tastes, bitter with very small pieces of nuts and whole oblong pieces with a delicate taste. I don’t feel nauseous at all, Christina is happy that I swallow quickly, she likes to watch me enjoy her dish.
It was amazing! In the process, Christina uses psychology and constantly orders me to lick her anus and kiss her ass, showing me that I am only her personal toilet slave!