This stink bomb blew my mouth! Christina hasn’t shit since Monday! Ordered to eat toilet paper!




I made a mistake and prepared the wrong script, I was not prepared for a fantastically big and liquid pile of shit. Christina didn’t take a shit for almost 3 days (since Monday), there was a lot of shit and it was very liquid and very warm. In the process of feeding, my hands were turned back so that I would not fall, it was difficult. As soon as I opened my mouth and began to admire Christina’s ass in anticipation of hard poop and look at the sweet hole, as a liquid and warm avalanche of smelly shit fell on my face, with sweet farts, and began to flow down my cheeks, I could not do anything, I couldn’t move . Luckily Christina is an experienced mistress and she quickly scooped the shit into my mouth with a spoon and immediately began to feed. As soon as I swallowed what was in my mouth and opened my mouth, the shit flowed into my mouth on its own, even without the help of Christina, I sucked it up like a vacuum cleaner and swallowed it myself. This has not happened for a very long time, I remembered how smelly Christina can be and what bombs she can make, next time I will be more careful!
At the end, I had to swallow toilet paper as Christina put it in my mouth and told me to swallow it.
At first I licked Christina’s feet, that’s all I was allowed before feeding. Her panty cunt was close and looked super sexy!

ps In this video, I inserted a photo of the food that Christina ate in the process of accumulating a pile and uploaded to her scatbook, she did not photograph all the food, but she definitely ate a hamburger, mashed potatoes and salad!