Svetlana and Christina were very hot today – look but don’t touch


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Vitaly: Svetlana and Christina were very hot today – look but don’t touch. Last time Mistress Christina introduced me to her friendgirls’ sis – Mistress Swetlana. Swetlana has no experience in using a toilet slave. And today she again decided to meet with me with Christina in order to learn to enjoy the humiliation of a man. I agreed with pleasure. In the beginning, the girls teased me with their naked bodies. They showed me their beautiful breasts and asses. I could only look at it and admire this. After all, a toilet slave has no right to touch certain parts of Mistress’ body. Slave should serve girls as a toilet when they need it – this is his main function. As usual, I had to massage Mistresses’ feet. After that, the girls decided to give me something to drink and feed. Mistress Swetlana was well prepared for the meeting, and she did not visit the toilet for a very long time. I had to drink a huge amount of her urine. However, she failed to fill my mouth with shit directly from her ass. She was hampered by shyness, insecurity and lack of experience. Swetlana pooped on a plate so that I could not see it. The content of the plate was sent to my mouth. Swetlana’s shit was in the form of very small and very hard pieces that were very difficult to swallow. In addition, Swetlana’s shit tasted very bitter. Finally, for the first time in my life, I managed to taste the shit of Mistress Swetlana. Christina hardly endured and waited her turn. Finally, I got the taste I was used to. A huge amount of Christina’s shit filled my mouth and was sent to my stomach.