Facesitting is a training for toilet slave


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Today I again had a meeting with Christina and Lassie. I had not calculated the time of the arrival of Mistresses from the walk again, so they were very unhappy that I was not ready for their arrival, lying on the bed, smoking and relaxing. This time Mistresses were not hitting me by the whip, but I had to endure an equally difficult test. The girls sat down on my face and sat until I began to choke. It was less difficult for me when Christina did it. But when Mistress Lassie sat on my face with her huge ass, I did not feel anything except the smell of her anus, sweat and female secretions, by which her underpants were impregnated. It even got dark in my eyes. But Mistress Lassie felt sorry for me later. She didn’t give me a lot of crap to my mouth, and had treated me only two small sweets. Mrs. Christina did not stand on ceremony with me and filled my mouth with a lot of bitter and stinky shit. We can say that the next day of my service to the girls ended successfully.