New girl Victoria shit in my mouth!


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Hooray – I found a very beautiful girl, her name is Victoria, she is 24 years old – she is tall and beautiful! And also she is married – this is a very pleasant feeling – when a married girl shakes your mouth! I met Sney in a small cafe in our district, she had lunch and I also had lunch, she is a very smiling and kind girl. I decided to talk to Sney, and after a while we started talking about work, she said that she had a small salary and I offered her a copy – she agreed.

Today 2 chic girls came to visit me: Christina and Victoria. I ate Christine’s big shit in 1.5 minutes – this is very fast for me. I wanted to surprise Victoria and did it quickly. When you swallow shit and a few girls look at it, you need to do it quickly and easily – girls will respect such a toilet slave! I didn’t swallow Victoria shit, because the tests will be ready in 2 days. But I am sure – Victoria’s shit is very difficult to swallow – it is hard and a lot of it! It is interesting to know its taste. In the next video I will swallow the crap of Kristina and Victoria and tell you what kind of taste this girl has. To give yourself the hot hands of two girls at once is much cooler than one, and three is even cooler. When there are several girls – they are having fun, and the slave gets increased attention, yes – for the slave it is much more difficult, but it is very cool – when Christina fed me with her shit, and Victoria beat me with a whip so that I swallowed faster! It is very difficult to concentrate on swallowing shit (good toilet slaves know that concentration must be very strong, otherwise gag reflexes begin) when you are beaten – it is very distracting – but this is a good trainer to serve many girls.