Each girl has their own individual taste!




Today I decided to relax well before the arrival of Christina: I drank whiskey while I waited for Christina, since I don’t need to go to the city today and I planned to rest at home. It was 9 o’clock in the morning, Christina was driving to work and drove by to see me at the toilet. It’s morning and Christina wants to use the toilet! I also decided to smoke a cigarette lying under Christine’s ass and admiring her beauty, and Christina reads a magazine with food recipes and waits for me to finish smoking. She offers me: do you want to try something new, omelet in Italian from my ass?

Today, her shit was hard as clay and it was a lot and it, I said, always has a strong taste. I think – it’s wrong to say – “disgusting taste” when we talk about the shit of a beautiful girl, so I use the word “strong taste”. I had to strain my throat so fast I could swallow her shit. I tried not to chew, as his taste becomes stronger and better to swallow right away. Christina’s sweet, morning voice ordered to swallow quickly! With me she feels comfortable, I think she does not feel the difference – to shit in the toilet at home, or to shit in my mouth. She tells that she ate a hamburger, porridge, pasta. These are useful products, but then why does it have such a terrible taste and smell – I thought. But this is temporary – I train very often and gradually I get used to their tastes and almost no longer feel like gagging. I hope that the day will come soon and I will serve Christina and other girls and enjoy the smells and tastes of female shit.