Look- now you have to eat it!




Today is a hot summer day and we decided to shoot this video on the street (at the bottom of the old swamp). Outside, the smell is felt stronger and changes from the direction of the wind, and when the girl is pooping right into her mouth, the smell is almost not felt. I lay and looked at Christina from the bottom, I heard a sharp sound – my favorite mistress shit – I thought! I immediately felt the sweet smell of Christina – only she smells that way, many slaves said that Christina has a strong smell and taste and her shit is hard to swallow, but apparently I’m used to. Christina always gets great pleasure from the toilet, she says – this is a thrill, this is bliss – it’s nice to hear when she enjoys! Christine picked up a napkin with shit and showed it to me, with the words – look at this pile, how big it is, now you have to eat it! I was a little scared when I saw a big pile, usually I don’t look at it, because it immediately falls into my mouth – therefore feeding from a plate or when in the process of eating you see a lot in front of you – the hardest thing! Christina dumped a bunch in my mouth, my brains twisted from this taste – it can be seen in my eyes – they became drunk! And I switched to the swallowing mode – I have to be strong, you can’t upset the mistress, it’s really tasty, I don’t have to allow gagging, the girl should see that I love her shit! Christina’s shit today had a huge amount of seeds – it’s summer and she eats a lot of fruit! It was a great walk.

P.S. Hurray, I found a new girl, her name is Vika, she is 24 years old, she is married and she is very cool! The next video will be about Vika and Kristina, and there will be new slaves (but this is not accurate) expect ..