My mouth was completely filled with hard shit




Christina shit and fart in my mouth. When I realized that a stream of solid shit was heading into my mouth, I quickly, with the help of my tongue, began to distribute it in my mouth, but there was a lot of shit and a piece of sausage still stuck out of my mouth. The result is a bright and clear close-up shot in high quality and you can carefully see the composition of the shit, it’s very beautiful and large! Hard shit is easier to swallow because it does not have a fetid bitter taste, but it needs to be chewed thoroughly and the throat muscles are strongly strained to swallow quickly, 2 times I almost threw up, but Christina’s commanding voice you must endure it! quickly brought me to my senses and I continued to swallow. This time the shit was sticky and dirty, Christina made me lick the spoon until it was clean, and a wooden spoon is very difficult to clean from shit.
ps At first, Christina sat on my face, showing that my face was only worthy of her ass. I could smell the beautiful smell of a clean female ass, it was the smell of flowers, then Christina took off her panties and sat on my face again.