Turkish delights from the ass of your favorite mistress




Yesterday Christina flew in from Turkey and immediately wrote to me: I flew in and I want to shit!. She was relaxing on the sea with her boyfriend, they made love and ate various seafood dishes. I was madly waiting for her to fly in, since my penis was locked on a male chastity belt and I could not masturbate and all my thoughts were only about Christina and that she would soon fly in and use me as her toilet again. Yesterday I found out that Christina told her boyfriend about me and he reacted to this normally, now she will not have to hide that she has a personal living toilet.

Christina’s shit this time was liquid and with a strong smell. When she took a shit on a plate, a sharp, sweetish smell hit my nose, but after a few seconds I stopped feeling it. The taste was saucy (as always), when I swallowed it my head was spinning. Christina was sitting in front of me in sexy lingerie and it helped me to maintain a strong arousal and swallow faster. Christina put spoon after spoon in my mouth, she doesn’t like to wait, she wanted me to do my job as soon as possible and she could leave. When Christina took a shit on a plate, I asked her to clean her dirty anus and she allowed, I was pleased, she does not allow her to do cunnilingus and even touch her pussy, but after the toilet I am allowed to clean the anus with my tongue. When Christina left, I felt nauseous for 2-3 hours, but I endured and had to digest the shit of my beloved mistress, such is the fate of every toilet slave.