She dumped a hard, long poop into my mouth and sat down on my face with all her weight




She farted loudly in my nose when I licked her anus, I smelled the fresh shit that I have to eat! And then she took a shit and sat on my face when my mouth was full of hard shit, I couldn’t breathe, and my throat couldn’t swallow the shit that was too hard.

This time it was hard again and the poop was long, part of it reaching my throat as the end stuck out of my mouth. It turned out that swallowing when a girl is sitting on my face with all the weight of her body is very difficult, especially if the shit is very hard, so when Christina got up to look into my mouth, she began to swear a lot, as I swallowed slowly. This is an unforgettable feeling when I am pinned down by a woman’s ass and my mouth is full of shit and I cannot breathe, this is an absolutely hopeless situation for a toilet slave! This time there were a lot of grains in the shit and it crunched loudly (to swallow it I had to chew it thoroughly), 3 times I almost threw up, but I was under my ass and Christina did not care.