I was sick, I was terribly sick, but Christina said “You have to work!” + bonus (Christina’s home video)!




I got sick, apparently poisoned by food in a cafe and I felt sick, I could not eat anything. Christina called and said “I’ll be there in 40 minutes!”. I tried to protest or at least reschedule the meeting for the next day, but Christina said she couldn’t stand it and I should be ready for her arrival! This time I was weak and Christina showed understanding, she hit me in the face a little as a courtesy and straddled me. She sat on my face a little and ordered to lick her anus and even farted, she knew that I was turned on by contact with her ass and it was easier for me to do my job. Christina is a professional in her field and knows how to make a toilet slave work efficiently to fulfill her duties! And finally she ordered to open my mouth and I should get ready to take a bunch. This time the feeding was heavy and painful, it was terribly hard for me to swallow, the shit was sticky, tart and smelly. Christina placed the heap with a spoon in my mouth and sat firmly on my face, sealing the heap in my mouth. She didn’t give me a chance to refuse! I was sick, but she sat tightly on my face. In the end, I licked her ass clean and she drove off, leaving me to digest a bunch.