I really want to shit, be ready, I’ll be there in 30 minutes, maybe I have diarrhea!




Each toilet slave must be prepared that they can be used at any time. Your heart starts racing when you are waiting for a beautiful girl for whom you are just a toilet and you don’t know what surprise is in her ass. Waiting minutes turn into hours! I was glad to receive this message, I love diarrhea and I haven’t met Christina for a long time, she is as usual sexy, fun and inaccessible.

From the threshold she said “I don’t have much time, I only took an hour off, let’s do everything quickly.” She said that she didn’t shit fast for 2 days and ate hamburgers and a lot of delicious food, she also drank beer and her stomach hurts. Excellent – I thought, so I will have a festive dinner, there will be a lot of delicious food.

I lay down and licked Christina’s legs and anus for several minutes, showing my respect to the mistress, she sat on my live and rested while I licked her legs. Finally she got tired and directed her magic hole into my mouth and as soon as I had time to open it, when suddenly Christina happily threw her smelly, bitter, tart and warm pile of liquid shit into my mouth. I correctly distributed the shit in my mouth and my whole mouth was full, but Christina piled on top of it and sat on my face. Soft shit with pressure hit my mouth and nose, the mistress sat down with all her weight. The mistress sat and rested while my nose and mouth were filled with shit. What was unusual about her shit was a large piece of solid that I couldn’t chew and swallowed whole, maybe Christina swallowed it whole.