The poopping female ass in camera lens


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Mistresses Christina, Lassie and Victoria periodically meet with me to relax, have fun, enjoy the service and in order to use me as a toilet. All these meetings are accompanied by video filming. The girls are blackmailing me by that they will show these videos to my friends if I will naughty. That is, they keep me on a constant leash, and I obey them and do what they say. This is not a problem for me, because I like to serve girls as a toilet, and I really like to eat shit from their beautiful asses. At this meeting, the girls wanted the whole process to be recorded on the camera from the first person, so they decided to use the GoPro camera attached to my head. GoPro video happened not very high quality, I’m sorry. But everything else, including using me as a toilet, turned out to be on top. This time, Mistress Lassie was especially distinguished. She endured for a very long time, and as a result gave me a huge amount of stinky shit to my face. Her shit like a long sausage in a ring form fell around my mouth. Lassie raked this sausage in my mouth with a spatula so that I could swallow it. The second dish was for me the bitter porridge from the beautiful ass of Mistress Christina. Both dishes were eaten by me, and the girls were pleased with my obedience.