I really missed Mistress Lassie’s crap


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Today there was a meeting that I had been waiting for a long time. I had to meet Victoria and Christina in order to serve them as a toilet. However, Victoria got sick. Therefore, Mistress Christina decided to meet me with her friend Lassie. The last time I saw Mistress Lassie this spring. I really missed her. For almost half a year I had a great desire to serve her again, as well as taste her poop. And today it finally happened. The meeting began with the fact that Mrs. Christina and Lassie cruelly banged up me with a whip. My whole back was in red stripes. Before I tasted the chocolate treats from the girls, I had to feel pain. I steadfastly withstood it, because in front of me was waiting for delicious food from women’s asses. Girls gave out the shit in my mouth while sitting on a bench. I drank Christina’s urine and very quickly ate a large amount of her shit that filled my mouth. The taste of Christina’s poops is unchanged, and it has become familiar for me. Then it was Lassie’s turn. She was pooping for a very long time. There wasn’t much, but it tasted great. Lassie’s shit was tasted sweetish. I also had to eat toilet paper with which Lassie wiped her ass. “Good Doggy” – that is what Mistress Lassie called me. And I really hope that I will meet her more than once.