Christina called me and said: I want to shit, where are you?




This was our game! – no matter how much we talked, she had the right to call me and call for use as her personal toilet. I didn’t know what she was eating, but I knew I had to do it right! I was a little sick and nauseous, but I was still wildly excited. Christina and I hadn’t said goodbye for a long time and I was wondering if she was marrying her husband or if she had a boyfriend.

When we met, I saw that she was still beautiful and I rather wanted to feel the taste of her shit in my mouth. We picked up a cozy place on the table, she sat down with her ass filled with warm, thick delicacy and spread her legs. Crawl in here and open your mouth! I saw how her black hole was looking at me, I immediately crawled up and opened my mouth. A big stinky pile instantly began to fill my mouth. I ate a hamburger and ribs, and I also ate cake, Kripstina said softly. I felt the very taste of Christina, the taste of my girl, my mistress! One thought I had at that moment – I have to do it quickly and cleanly!