It was a heap-record holder! I almost broke! My mouth was on fire!




10:37 Christina: Hello, I’m ready!
10:40 Bernar: Wow, we agreed to see each other after four o’clock in the evening?
10:41 Christina: I can’t stand it.
10:45 Bernar: At least for lunch?
10:47 Christina: The sooner the better.
10:48 Christina: I ate a lot of mangoes yesterday.

I will tell my true experiences of this skat session as it is – without fictional stories, as it is easier for me to remember than to compose. I’m still in shock – it was a fantastically cool pile and I have long dreamed of eating such a huge pile, even though it’s devilishly hard work!

Realizing that Christina is on the verge and at any moment she can go to the toilet and I will receive a message from her – I’m sorry, I couldn’t stand it!, I immediately go after her while her ass is burning and smelling! At first I thought that she had diarrhea, but then I realized how much I was mistaken, Christina really carried a huge portion in her ass, but I found out about this later. Christina stood up and mockingly looked at the huge and smelly pile on the plate in front of my face and said – I don’t know how you will eat it now. She knows that I am not as strong as Vitaliy and this is an extreme test for me, but if I can’t eat it – I refuse or throw up, then I will pay Christina a large fine – this motivates me to always swallow, any heaps. Cristina wins no matter what, so she sat in front of me and watched me torment myself as I ate her stinky pile, spoon after spoon, stuffing it into my stinky mouth!

On that day, I did not have time to prepare the room for shooting, as everything happened very quickly. While we were driving, Christina really wanted to take a shit, so I decided to start filming right away without an introduction, and record a foreplay after feeding. Finally, after 25 minutes, we arrived at the place, Christina puts on sexy lingerie and constantly rushes me – Faster, faster, I’m going to shit myself, she was very angry, I never set up video cameras as fast as this time! In order not to annoy Christina, I decide to use the simplest scenario with a plate that I came up with, Christina was glad, as this is the perfect option for her and the perfect comfortable position for the toilet. I put on a mask, with very small holes for the eyes, take a plate and kneel. Christina climbs onto a chair and instantly a huge and smelly pile is unloaded into my plate, first a pink-brown sausage falls out, and then a few brown ones, then we exit the liquid shit with a loud and juicy fart – here it is a real, high-quality vyser from a super sexy ass (I thought I, this dream is there at this moment!). The smell hit my nose – slightly sweet (or so my brain rated it), but smelly, very heavy, but not sharp or sour. Toilet slaves know that the smell is felt for about 5 seconds, then it is no longer felt, as it has too much concentration and the brain blocks this signal.

This was a rare occasion when my tongue was on fire! I usually drink a glass after a session for good digestion and after the first sip my tongue started to burn, as if it had been treated with an iron grater. It is difficult for me to convey the thoughts that swept over me when the pile was in front of my face, accompanied by a strong smell, this is both shock and joy and fear and delight! The thought that I kept constantly – the main thing is not to start to feel sick, otherwise a nightmare will begin. Every experienced toilet slave knows – if it starts to vomit and the stomach starts to make sounds, swallowing further is hell, or you need to wait a few minutes! There was a really big and smelly pile in front of me, I chewed carefully, quickly and tried to swallow in large sips, but more often it turned out to take only small sips, but often. I felt different seeds and textures, tastes changed a lot, sometimes bitter pieces came across, but not much, sometimes sweetish, in general, the pile resembled mashed potatoes in consistency, but the sausages were slightly hard and had their own density and taste.

This is one of the best videos in my collection.
I remember very well how relieved I felt at the very end, when I saw that the plate was empty, did I really do it, my head was spinning either from happiness, or from the stench taken into myself! Kristina walks happy, she experienced a strong buzz! I took in all her juices, all her dirt, I fulfilled my function of the toilet bowl!
When everything calmed down, I turned on the video camera again and asked Christina to say a few words.