Christina ate garlic croutons + home video




Christina called me and said – I can’t stand it, we need to meet now or another time! I immediately left for the meeting. Yesterday Christina ate dinner at a restaurant and ate a lot of garlic croutons, her stomach reacted badly and she was sick, but we agreed to meet and she kept this dish for me! I have not seen her for a long time – she looks great and insanely sexy. The consistency of her shit was as usual bitter and soft with hard chunks.

You can see – Christina is afraid to even accidentally touch her shit (her shit is a job for her personal toilet slave) – she is a very clean girl and it is very exciting. For her it is a stench, but for a slave it is a delicious delicacy. I get a lot of pleasure when she uses me.

+ A home video that I recorded a little earlier. It was not intended for sale.