New model Swetlana & Christina came back!


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I had a very happy day today. After a long absence, Mistress Christina returned. I really missed my Mistress, from whom I ate shit many times and served her as a toilet many times. Christina warned me that she would not be alone with me. At the appointed hour, the sis of a friendgirl named Sveta was to come. Sveta had absolutely no experience with a toilet slave, and she wanted Christina to teach her everything. Finally, she came. Sveta turned out to be a very pretty girl. She was very insecure, quiet and shy. Mistress Christina made me kiss Sveta’s feet, and then the two girls whipped me. I received a lot of lashs. My whole body was in red stripes. In addition, Mistress Sveta trampled on my body with her feet. Christina decided to be the first to use my mouth as a toilet. After drinking a huge amount of urine, I took her shit into my mouth. I missed this taste. Christina’s shit was always bitter and very hard to eat. However, I did it. Unfortunately, Sveta could not poop, but she, like Christina, filled my mouth with her urine. Her urine was saltier than Mistress Christina’s. After using me as a toilet, the girls kicked me out of the room, continuing to communicate with each other.