Yana gave out a huge pile of shit! It was a very difficult meal, tears and snot flowed from me, and the girls laughed!


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Several times I had a really hard time swallowing, I felt sick, I wanted to give up and stop filming, but I want the ladies to respect me! I haven’t eaten Yana’s shit for almost 2 years and I’ve lost the taste of it, I’m very used to Christina’s taste and eating the new girl’s shit is stressful for me. Yana’s shit was with a lot of grains and I crunched loudly when I chewed it – the girls laughed!

I was very afraid of this session and tried to find another toilet slave, but could not, so I had to extricate myself. Everyone knows that Yana shits a lot and her shit is often liquid and even diarrhea. When I picked up 2 plates, and the girls turned their asses to me, my heart began to pound and time stopped in anticipation! When Yana started to shit I smelled that very smell, it was the smell of Yana, and the shit from her ass came out and came out and I knew that I would have to eat it to the last spoon, her shit was seasoned with vaginal secretions. If Christina had taken a shit so powerfully, then maybe I would have broken. Before I had time to swallow what was in my mouth, there was already another full spoonful of shit in front of my mouth. The girls constantly urged me on and hurried me by putting spoon after spoon into my mouth.