I met Milana on Facebook. The next day, she and her friend shit in my mouth.


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I met these beautiful girls on facebook, their names are Milana (the girl in the white mask) and Katya (the girl in the red mask). We agreed that we meet in the morning and they poping in my mouth. About the fact that I intend to completely swallow their shit, they found out a few minutes before the shooting of the video and were very surprised. Before shooting, they did not pooping 2 days, so when they met they often farted, and I enjoyed their wonderful smells.
I’m glad that I did this and I was not even sick of swallowing, only at the end of the video and only 1 time! I completely swallowed their shit, they hit me in the mouth in turn. They had a completely different taste of shit, but the consociation was similar, but the first girl had softer shit. I have inspired myself that it is very tasty and with great pleasure swallowed and experienced an amazing feeling!