Sweet torment! Christina’s crap after turkey




This is a real thrill – the life of a regular, permanent toilet for a beautiful girl. Yesterday, Christina, with her boyfriend, went to nature and ate a turkey on the coals. So she had sex – I know that on such days her shit is especially tasty! In addition to classic sex, Christina practices anal sex with her boyfriend, but I get little information about it – just what Christina tells me, since it’s none of my business — my job is to be her toilet bowl and take everything from her ass. However, I am almost certain that several times he introduced sperm into the ass of my mistress. Today, her shit was very liquid and had a strong taste, perhaps because of meat or for some other reason unknown to me. Her shit fell on my nose and I could only breathe through my mouth. Christine also smeared her shit on my nose so that I swallowed faster, I myself asked her about it. In this position, I did not see anything – I just felt its taste and smell, and that was enough.