New model Kamilla


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Mistress Karina has a studio where she usually invites me if I am guilty of something. There I was subjecting to a hard flogging, in addition to the fact that I had to serve the Mistress as a toilet. This happened more than once. However, this time I was invited not to be punished. Karina decided to introduce me to her friend Kamilla. Kamilla showed interest in using a man as a toilet and wanted to try it. Mistress Kamilla turned out to be a plump girl with a cold and contemptuous look. She treated me with contempt. The girls humiliated me mentally for some time and ordered me to lick the soles of shoes. After that, they decided to tease me by showing their breasts, to which I have no right to touch. When Kamilla bared her breasts, it had driven me crazy. Her breasts were very large and very beautiful. Having had plenty of fun, the Mistresses began to use me as a toilet. Karina did it as usual. I had to swallow the huge chocolate sausages that slowly crawled out of her ass, one by one. I ate her turds for a long time and with great difficulty. Usually, the new Mistress cannot poop into the mouth of a slave for the first time. But in the case of Mistress Kamilla, this was not the case. Her big ass opened and three pieces of very smelly shit came out of her anus and fell into my mouth. I had to swallow them, despite the fact that they tasted very nasty.