My tongue worked hard for 1000% today!




My tongue worked hard for 1000% today! I was surprised, but Victoria allowed her to do cunnilingus before feeding. I tried to lick with all my might so that Victoria would enjoy, but I knew that after cunnilingus, I would also need to eat a large pile of hard shit. After this session, my tongue burned. Even the next morning, my tongue burned when I used spicy foods – the shit had a very firm and stiff peel of vegetables and a lot of seeds, which when chewing injured my mouth. This piece of Victoria’s shit was – a real monster – it was fat, solid and long, it hit my throat and was still sticking out of the anus. But that’s not all, Victoria stiffened again and another large piece of very hard shit fell on my face. I just lay there and waited – when Victoria finished shit. I was scared, I tried not to think that now I would have to take in 2 huge and damn solid pieces of shit! To complicate the task, Victoria was sitting on my stomach with all her weight and was actually squeezing everything out of me.