Life under women’s asses. Cruel session!


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Life under women’s asses. Cruel session! Today girls really want to shit. I noticed that Christina suffers with great difficulty and constantly rushes me – she did not shit for 3 days, her shit today has a very strong taste and there is a lot of it. I could not breathe, my nose was full of shit, I could only breathe through my mouth, but Kristina is constantly sitting on me or pushing shit in my mouth for several seconds and I manage to breathe a little. Christine’s shit stinks terribly today and it’s very difficult for me – I had to spit the shit out on the floor and rest for 1 minute. Kristina says – you still have to eat everything, picks up shit from the floor and makes you swallow it. I’m terribly tired, my eyes are full of shit, my nose is full and I feel sick, but I know that Victoria is waiting for me ahead, she warned – “maybe I have diarrhea, yesterday I ate bad food” and I should be ready for this. Victoria shit for a long time, I tried to swallow in the process of feeding. Victoria farted a lot, a lot. Her shit was liquid and sweet – I was relatively pleased to swallow it. It was a tough session, but the girls laughed and had a lot of fun and at the same time were very powerful – they perceive the toilet slave only as an instrument or a home, comfortable toilet.