Keep your head up high and swallow my huge pile!




I did not properly plan this shoot and I had to suffer a lot! When the shooting began, I realized that it would be very difficult to keep my head and torso at a height, but Christina had already dumped a huge pile of stinky shit with powerful farts into my mouth and onto my face, and I got into a very difficult situation, it was already impossible to stop, I held on for the chair with all your might. Kristina saw that it was hard for me, but she didn’t care, she only cares about the result, so that I quickly do my job and she is freed. She rigidly directed the process so that I would not relax and keep my head straight in front of the camera, she enjoyed the process, because she was upstairs and her live toilet should do all the dirty work. It’s hard to convey what I thought when I had to hold my head as high as possible and a huge pile fell into my mouth, there was nowhere to retreat and I had to swallow bitter (and Christina almost always has bitter) shit and there was a lot of it. Christina constantly demanded that I open my mouth to push the next portion of shit, she always keeps the slave in pace – you can’t rest. The toilet slave is always at the limit, he squeezes out the speed – the mistress should not stay for a long time smelling and looking at her shit, she is not pleased. I felt like an athlete who squeezes the maximum resources out of his body! Christina is in new sexy lingerie today, these panties are driving me crazy, she probably bought it for her boyfriend, because she immediately went to him from me, and I was left with a bunch of her inside me and I was very sick, but I was happy that part of my beloved mistress is in me and my body must absorb it. Kristina left me satisfied and cheerful, immediately after the shooting she quickly called a taxi, without having been in my company even for 20 minutes, she already didn’t give a damn about me, I’m just her toilet and I can be with the mistress only at the moments of her emptying and for today I have fulfilled my function.