Karina’s huge shit portion blocked my breathing




Today I once again met with Mistress Karina. She sometimes uses me as a household slave, and the day before that I was scheduled to clean up her apartment. However, I did not find time to clean up. Mistress decided to punish me severely for this, so she arranged a meeting in her studio. The punishment really turned out to be very cruel. First, I was whipped very hard with a whip. Mistress whipped my belly and my chest, that is, the most painful places. Karina delivered an impressive number of hits, from which my whole stomach was in red stripes. After Karina pee in my mouth, she started filling it with her shit. Usually this is a very pleasant duty for me, but the Mistress did everything so that it was very difficult for me to fulfill this duty. Especially for me she did not go to the toilet for 2 days and ate heavy meat food. I even got scared when I saw that a huge sausage of shit began to come out of her opened anus, which immediately filled my mouth and formed a large heap on my face. This heap was decorated on top with the girl’s vaginal secretions. All this I had to eat, forcibly and quickly. At some point, I felt that I could not breathe. Tears appeared in my eyes. I had to swallow very quickly so as not to suffocate. I coped with my task. However, I decided that now I will always obey my Mistress unquestioningly.