I’m tired, I need a new toilet slave!


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I’m tired, I need a new toilet slave! This morning I didn’t want to swallow shit at all, but the girls want to work and in a few hours they will come to me and will order me. I call the toilet slaves, but they refused, Mark did not pick up the phone, and Vitaly left for the village. I was very scared, but you can’t refuse – this is work and I have to swallow their shit!
I met girls in nature, not far from the road. They were in a good mood, they had fun and joked, but I was afraid, today I was not ready for it.
Victoria used me first, she had very solid shit. I lay with my mouth open and felt my mouth fill more and more with hard shit. My mouth was full and a hill appeared at the top of my mouth. With great suffering, I swallowed Victoria’s shit and Christina came. In fear, I opened my mouth and began to wait. Kristina didn’t go much – at this moment I was very happy and calmed down. But her shit always tastes harsh and I’m starting to feel sick. I coped with today’s task with great difficulty, but I feel that my abilities are not the same as before and I urgently need a new toilet slave ..
ps I forgot the toilet paper and the girls had to wipe their asses with mugs)