I have a mouth full of shit and an even bigger pile on my face, my body hurt from the blows, she sat on my face and pressed me, I was completely fixed and in control!




Today Christina whipped me very hard, it hurt so much that I could not stand and wriggled like a snake and screamed, yes, I rarely scream, but this time Christina whipped me damn hard and laughed out loud looking at me. Having played enough and having received pleasure, Christina mockingly said – now you will eat shit, the smile did not leave her face. She is a real mistress, tough and domineering, serving Christina is not easy, but pleasant, a slave always feels her strength and power, you can’t disobey her, you don’t think about anything with her, but do everything she says, she really enjoys the process! The taste of her shit is delicious, her farts sound like music, the smell of her shit is nectar! There is a strong stench of shit in the room and she is not pleased, but it is her stench, she is already used to it and her constant toilet slave is used to her stench and taste. This time I was throwing up a lot, the shit tasted tart and my taste reflexes couldn’t take it. I pushed the stink inside me with all my might so that the mistress was satisfied with her personal toilet. At a certain moment, I even thought that I would explode and the shit would pour out of me like a fountain, and I gathered all my strength into a fist, as this would be terrible in relation to the lady. And now my mouth is empty, I swallowed everything that was in it, but Christina again puts another full spoonful of shit in my mouth until I eat everything to the last drop, Christina will not stop! And so I ate it all, but Christina says – a lot of shit stuck on my ass, you have to lick it clean!
This is an extraordinarily beautiful and spectacular video, one of the best of my work, you must see it! 2 cameras.