Christina dumped a big and stinking pile of shit on my mouth, ordered me to eat, and she herself began to dance on my stomach, it was hard!




I like when girls do the worst things with me. I like to watch how much the girls disdain the smell of even their shit, and even more strongly the girls disdain the smell of shit of other girls. Girls make me serve them every time! No matter how I feel, even if I feel bad, I will never refuse to serve a girl – I do not have the right to refuse or belch the girl’s shit, I must take it completely. Every time a girl uses me as her toilet, it’s like being cruelly carried, but I want it myself. Yes, I really like it, it’s very tasty and very nasty at the same time. When I swallow – I accept the completely inner world of the girl. It is impossible to swallow and not taste the full taste of her shit. To swallow her shit, I must completely pass it through my mouth and tongue, feeling the taste of every sip, every badly digested product, every nut, every fruit that the girl ate. Several times I served a girl who swallowed the sperm of her husband, I think that both Christina and Jana also do it because they have boyfriends, but not all the girls that I serve talk about it. Christina told me (in secret) that her boyfriend loves anal sex, but because of this work she has to deny him this under the pretext that it hurts! For more than a year I have not been engaged in traditional sex and I am very excited to present how the boyfriends of my princesses fuck them. Sometimes I ask girls about their sex life, and they easily talk to me about it, because I’m just a toilet for them. I noticed that during the ovulation the girl’s shit is very warm.
Christina is very beautiful and very delicious! I’m very happy when her ass blows up in front of my face and her warm and sweet shit fills my mouth and falls on my face. I immediately immerse my tongue in it to fully experience the taste. And then she allows me to start eating, and she joyfully dances on me, stepping on my stomach and chest, causing me difficulty. But her shit is so delicious, that for me its main taste. Today her shit was hard and it was harder to swallow than usual.