Christina blew me up! You can’t watch




You can’t watch, for me only smell and taste! It turned out to be harder than I thought .. At first I kissed Christina’s legs and hands. Christina is a very domineering mistress and submits slaves very well – such a mistress wants to obey 1000%, satisfying any of her whims. But today, unfortunately, I broke down. The pile was very large and liquid with a terrible taste (this is Christina’s personal taste). With a powerful farting, Christina filled my palms, a strong, sweetish smell of Christine appeared in the room. I could not see, I only felt the warm shit in my hands and the smell. It was very uncomfortable to eat, I licked shit like ice cream. My body did not want to swallow, but Christina is a tough mistress and knows how to persuade! I began to swallow very actively and exploded unexpectedly.