Anna first uses me as a toilet




Today Mistress Karina called me and gave me an assignment. At a certain time, I had to be in the park where her friend was doing morning jogging. There are no public toilets in the park, and a toilet had to be provided for the girl. I had to sit in a certain place and wait for her. I only knew her name – Anna, and I had never seen her before. About an hour passed. Finally, I saw a beautiful athletic young girl walking in my direction with a brisk pace on the footpath. It turns out that she was looking for me in the park for a very long time, so she was very angry. Mistress Anna punished me with a whip, after which she ordered me to lie on my back and open my mouth. Taking off her panties, she located her anus in front of my mouth and began to empty the intestines. The anus opened, and several round chocolate candies fell into my mouth, and I immediately swallowed them. Anna plays sports and eats right, so her shit tasted very good. It is a pity that there was not much of it. Mistress Anna is gone. And I was left alone, dreaming that in the future she will become my permanent Mistress, and will shit in my mouth all the time.