2 mistresses, barbecue and toilet slave


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The last warm days have come this year. Ms. Victoria and Christina decided to spend these days outside the city in a garden house, and I had to accompany them, entertain and serve them. Girls are very fond of eating meat. And I was instructed to make a barbecue for them. It was a pleasant task for me, because I knew that tomorrow I would have to eat this meat too. The fact, tomorrow Victoria and Christina will shit in my mouth, and I will eat barbecue from ass of each of my Mistresses in the form of poop. I’m already used to it. I am a full-fledged toilet slave, and I had to eat a variety of dishes from the asses of these two beautiful girls. Today, the Mistresses also did not forget to feed me. At first they allowed me to try a piece of fried meat, throwing it in my direction, as if I were a dog. After the girls ate a barbecue, they decided to go to the toilet. My menu today consisted of salads, porridge and pasta. It was the food that Mistresses had eaten last evening, and now I had to eat all this in the form of poops. Girls was farting a lot. And I with pleasure was inhaling this smell from female asses. I was lying on the floor near the toilet bowl, and the girls took turns filling my mouth with their shit. I am very grateful to my Mistresses for letting me to try the best treats in the world.