Christina’s hard shit, I bathed in Yana’s soft and liquid diarrhea! I tasted the shit of two girls at once. Now my mouth is a toilet bowl for two girls at once!


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I ate the crap out of two women’s butts! At the same time I felt the taste of crap at once two girls. At first they drank a little bit. I served them as a waiter. While they were deciding who would pooping first I was sitting from behind and admiring their asses. Yana said that she would be the first (I thought that she had diarrhea again and was right). Christina left the room and I was left alone with Yana. Her shit had a strong smell and had an incomprehensible consistency – lots of fibers. Yana sweetly pooping, left the room and invited Christine. Cristina crap on Yana’s shit – it looked very nice and tasty! When I started eating, Christina ordered me to mix their shit, so that it was tastier and show the spoon in the camera. I took a hard spoon of Christina with a spoon and moked it in Yana’s liquid diarrhea (which was still warm) – it was a unique strong taste!