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This is one of my favorite swallowing positions. I have to swallow quickly, otherwise the shit will start to fall and get dirty, and Christina also doesn’t like picking up shit from the floor. First, Christina whipped me well before feeding – she really relaxes and enjoys it. I endured pain, and Christina smiled in my face and tried to swing harder. The spanking is over and now Christina is ordering me to sit in the feeding position. Before that, I also drank a lot of her urine, she gave me drink in a very sexy position. Over the years, I still can’t learn to swallow Christina’s shit easily – she’s a very pretty girl, but she has very smelly shit and has a strong taste, but it’s also very tasty – so its taste is very difficult to refuse! This time Christina poured into my mouth a large liquid portion with a powerful loud fart, it filled my mouth completely and I began to swallow quickly. Christina moaned from the fact that she was unloading into my mouth, and I moaned from the fact that I have to swallow quickly, otherwise the pile will fall down. Christina does not care that my mouth is completely clogged, she does not like to warm up and continues to shit, she knows that I will do my best to make her comfortable.